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Gösterim: 24102 - Yazar: Anonim - Mart 24 2011 20:56:43

maşallah o gözlere o tatlı sözlere
maşallah o göz süzüşe o güzel yüze
o ne güzel gözler öyle kalbimi yakar
o ne güzel sözler öyle beni sana baglar

nazar degmesin meleğim sana
allahım kötü ğözlerden korusun seni
çektirmesin elemi kederi sana
tanrım seni bağışlasın yanlız bana

sana bişey olursa ben ne yaparım
coşkun bir sel gibi çaglarım
gece gündüz senin için aglarım
bir ananın bir babanın şevkati ile bagrıma basarım

senin ugruna meleğim çok canlar yakarım
beni istemezsen sana uzaktan bakarım
koruyucu bir melek gibi kol kanat açarım
sen mutlu ol meleğim ben sensizde yaşarım

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#27 | ikea platform bed reviews - Nisan 27 2017 02:04:11
I was actually a little stressed to find how that was packaged but it only took secs to obtain to size and is actually incredibly comfortable. I would get this <a href="http://bestmattressreviewsandratings.com/">best plush mattress reviews</a> again. eucalyptus sheets reviews
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#28 | best reviewed mattress - Nisan 27 2017 02:24:02
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#30 | Larrymayot - Mayıs 04 2017 04:33:21
<p>The time period E-commerce is definitely an abbreviation of electronic commerce, which is accustomed to refer to the artwork of buying and providing products or services by utilization of electronic units like computer networks and the online. Within digital commerce, quite a few other systems are drawn which include; digital fund transfer, world-wide-web selling, processing of on-line transactions, cell commerce, and supply chain management. Additionally, e-commerce also requires automated data assortment, electronic details interchange, and stock administration techniques. Unlike the normal technique for getting yourself and promoting, e-commerce facilitates transactions from multiple men and women in varieties of areas of the earth on the comfort and ease of digital gadgets. E-commerce has revolutionized the entire process of purchasing and offering given that of its comfort and reliability.</p>
<p>Just like all other technologies, a large amount of inventions and ideas have been completely applied to design the market on the up to date level. Chronologically, the development of e-commerce up and running inside the nineteen seventies. During the course of this era, Innovative Researching Challenge Company Networks (ARPANET) was second hand market cannabis towards the learners in Massachusetts Institute of Technological know-how. This progression gave Michael Aldrich a footing from which he was equipped to show the main web-based purchasing in 1979. A landmark advancement was all over again realized in 1982 when Minitel was released in France and served using the net ordering. The following year, California State Assembly convened a listening to on ‘electronic commerce’ in Volcano. Prodigy, CompuServe, MCI mail, Volcano Phone, and CPUC are amongst the businesses which were heard.</p>
<p>Following the innovations understood, California Point out was the initial enact Digital Commerce Act that described simple consumer legal rights internet in 1984. Six many years later on, Tim Berners-Lee wrote the main internet browser, World wide web applying Upcoming personal computers. In 1992, E-book Stacks Unlimited opened web site for industrial transactions in Cleveland. The institution with the internet site enabled robust advancement of e-commerce in diverse aspects of the globe. In 1996, India and Korea proven IndiaMART and ECPlaza respectively. From then, a fast advancement for the e-commerce has become realized. Dot-com arrived into play in 2000 pursuing the previous developments. In 2003, Amazon posted their very first annually revenue. Most not too long ago in 2012, e-commerce has obtained a great deal in purchasing and selling the place most businesses together with people during the fortune five hundred are engaged in it. About five % within the total gross sales at the moment are created via the web.</p>
<p>Based <a href=http://guesthouseosaka.com/2015/03/12/firm-is-the-art-of-forecasting-your-immediate-3/>essay writer</a> to the traits experienced from the starting off of e-commerce, it's always envisaged that promoting and personalization will form half of what will speed up over the internet purchasing and offering. This is because they issue to the direct association involving the customer along with the organisation. Additionally it is envisaged that e-commerce will prosper most on fashion. Since of this, it happens to be envisioned that a 3rd of e-commerce transactions are going to be vogue oriented. All over again, the being successful of e-commerce may also not be dependent on the flash income and superstar endorsement but by service differentiation and variance in good.</p>
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